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by Michele on January 5, 2011

Ok, here’s a quick tip that’s not strictly business.

I’ve known about home grocery delivery for years, but never tried it until today.  I saved at least an hour and a half and a lot of energy.  What could you do with an extra hour and a half and some extra energy every week?

Here’s the highlights:

  • It was only $6.95 for the delivery, and the driver wouldn’t even take a tip.
  • I was able to find a lot of the foods we eat, which is surprising because we keep a vegan household and don’t use many packaged foods.  A partial list of what we got: almond milk, tofu, grapes, fresh tomatoes, cashews and canned beans.
  • The driver puts the bagged groceries on your kitchen table.  No lugging bag after bag from the car!
  • The process was smooth and included options where you could specify your rules for substitutions.  You could also make a request to the person picking your order.
  • They did miss two items, but one quick call and my credit card was credited.

So, back to business.  What could you do with an hour and a half per week that would make this pay for itself?  Considering taxes and overhead, you’d need to gross something like $14 for example to make this worthwhile.  Leave a note in the comments and tell me if you’ve ever used this service or plan to, and more importantly what you did with the time and energy you gained.  If you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a way to make at least $14 in a newly-found hour and a half, let’s talk!  Click the link below to schedule your free strategy session today!

Yes, I want  a free strategy session!


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