What to do about spam email

by Michele on March 14, 2011

What to do about SPAM email

What to do about SPAM email

On the heels of my recent post How not to build a mailing list and my recent newsletter article on clearing your email inbox, I thought I’d give you some information on what to do about those pesky spammers.

First, use the “Mark as Spam” button on your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or through your hosting account).  Every provider I’ve ever seen offers a way to mark messages as spam so you never have to see a message from that sender.  It’s also an important public service because your provider will use that information to improve spam filters.  I wanted to include this tip because so many people struggle with getting too much email and with this one step you can help reduce your email volume permanently.

Second, if you feel it’s warranted, report the spammer to the FTC.  This is done by forwarding the entire email to spam@uce.gov (link to FTC information HERE).  I have done this on occasion, when I’ve felt the the sender was particularly egregious in their violation of the spam laws or they continued to send to me after I requested to be removed.  The FTC accumulates this information to build possible cases against spammers, so your forwarded email contributes to their efforts to reduce the spam in the world.

What do you do when you get spam?  Have you ever reported it?  Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Spam emails are estimated to cost anywhere between US 10 to 87 billion per year in direct costs and lost productivity. Spam has become so insidious that every company has to consider the cost and means of reducing its impact. Sometimes its as simple as implementing a basic spam filter and — i.e. following a few rules for recognizing and eliminating spam.

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