Friday News roundup, 3/18/11

by Michele on March 18, 2011

Every Friday I send a recap of the news I posted this week.  I read dozens of newsletters and other news sources and hand pick one article or event to share every day that I think has value to solopreneurs.  If you’d like to see these news items right in your Facebook feed, visit my page and click like.  Here’s this week’s picks:

26 ways to generate leads from social media

Social Media Examiner consistently delivers great content and this is no exception.  As solopreneurs, we often hate the sales part of the business but if your business is going to succeed you must become proficient in selling.  Generating leads is the first step in making sales.

Online Sales Productivity Summit

Hubspot also provides excellent content.  This summit is scheduled for 3/17 and 3/24, but you may be able to get the first recording if you sign up.

Develop a Strategy for Setting the Right Price

Pricing can be a perennial issue for solopreneurs.  We’re often torn between wanting to help people and hearing “I can’t afford it.”

The Science of Timing

Hubspot has done a whole series of “The Science of” webinars and they are always fascinating.  They collect and analyze a large body of data to see what the best practices are.  In this case, they’ll be revealing the best time to tweet, email, blog, etc.

Lame Sales Questions to Avoid

Laughed out loud at this one!  It’s filled with things you can’t believe any salesperson would say, but I’m sure they do.  Whether we like it or not, becoming good at or at least comfortable with selling is a pre-requisite for business success.

That’s the news for the week.  Are you making some time for fun this weekend?  Create some separation from you business for at least some of the weekend so you can come back recharged and ready to serve.

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