Friday Solopreneur News Roundup, 4/8/11

by Michele on April 8, 2011

Hello fellow solopreneurs!  It’s almost the weekend and that means that one of your to-do items today is to check your calendar and make sure you have some time blocked off to recharge and have some fun.  Your work is important to the people you serve, and you can’t serve them if you’re fried to a crisp from working too much.  Put your own air mask on first, right?

Here’s the news from this week I thought you’d enjoy.  I post these items throughout the week on my Facebook page, so if you just can’t wait till Friday for important items hand-picked for you, come on over and join me on Facebook by clicking like.

Marketing Sherpa publishes such great charts!  Here’s one on which tactics are effective at growing your email list.

Most Effective Email List Growth Tactics

You already know working too much is bad for you, but do you know just how bad it really is?  Working too many hours is a big temptation for solopreneurs, but it harms our creativity and productivity as well as our personal lives.  Get the facts here:

Don’t Melt Down

When you first start your business, there’s so much to do it seems like a reasonable shortcut to run your business finances through your personal accounts.  This might be okay for the early phases of your business, but don’t make it a long-term way of doing things.

10 Tricks to Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate

If you use and follow the use of social media for business, you’ve probably heard somebody tout the usefulness of Twitter for market research.  Here’s an interesting study that helps support that.  Twitter showed a high ability to predict box office success.

Twitter Can Help Predict Business Trends

Have a great weekend, and leave me a comment with your plans for recharging this weekend.

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