Solopreneur news roundup, 4/22/11

by Michele on April 22, 2011

Hello again my solopreneur friends and yay it’s Friday!  Friday probably doesn’t have the same meaning to you now that it did when you had a job, but maybe it should, at least to some degree.  It’s so easy to get caught up in working all the time – there’s always more you can do and there’s no locked office to keep you away.  But please, for the benefit of the people who need your services, make sure to get some time in to replenish your energy and fuel your reserves.  Just like changing your oil regularly saves big repairs later, a little care for yourself now saves big problems later.  I’m pretty tied up this weekend with some family commitments, but I’ve already book in some mid-week play time next week because I know I’ll need it.

Ok, but here’s what you came for – this week’s news for solopreneurs, filtered for you by yours truly!

I’ve been wondering how long the printed Yellow Pages can survive.  Here’s a story about how they’ve decided to adapt and modernize.  What a great lesson for business owners – take your core strength and re-tool for changing circumstances.

Yellow Pages Turns to Local Search

Denise Wakeman is hosting “Brag About Your Blog Day” over at The Blog Squad’s Facebook page.  Head on over and sing your own praises!  I did this and my blog got noticed by WE Magazine, where I was name a 2011 Woman Blogger to Watch.

Brag About Your Blog Day (like the page before you can brag)

I almost didn’t read this story because it isn’t solopreneur-specific, but I’m sure glad I did!  It’s about how a day spa uses their great relationships with customers to raise capital for expansion.  There’s so much great material about building relationships, creative financing and giving your customers a sense of ownership to the project.

Raising Cash from Customers

That’s it for the news this week.  Leave me a comment and tell me about how you will recharge this weekend!

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