Solopreneur news roundup for Friday 5/6/11

by Michele on May 6, 2011

Hello fellow solopreneurs!  I hope you had a massively productive week and have plans to get some fun time in during the weekend.  I’m planning on visiting the Alt Build Expo, a showcase for alternative/green/energy efficient/recycled building materials and methods.  I always get great ideas there for our fixer upper house, although the downside is that I always get some “I wish I knew that a year ago” ideas.

Here’s the news I picked for the week.  If you’d like to see these links in your Facebook feed throughout the week, head over to my page and click the like button.

I was amazed by this story that news of Osama bin Laden’s death was reported on Twitter first!

I find clever thinking to be fascinating and almost thrilling.  I loved this article on the difference between smart and clever and how to be both:

One of the reasons I focus on solopreneur businesses is that they are everywhere and I see them being a powerful economic force in the post-recession economy.  Micro-enterprises are also on the rise, and this article talks about what they are and why they matter.  Did you know 87% of US businesses fall into the micro-enterprise category?

That’s all the news for this week.  Have a great weekend, take some time to recharge and tell me about your plans for the weekend in the comments.

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