Solopreneur news roundup Friday 5/13/11

by Michele on May 13, 2011

So it’s Friday the 13th – are you doing anything out of the ordinary to avoid bad luck?

Once again, Friday has rolled around quickly and it’s time to summarize the news for solopreneurs and remind us all to change up the pace and recharge this weekend.  I don’t have anything specific planned, and while it may seem like I say that a lot I assure you I like it that way.  My weeks are so heavily scheduled that I find it rejuvenating to not be adhering to a schedule on the weekend no matter what I end up doing.  The main focus is a bunch of half finished project around the house.  We’re transitioning from 5 years of heavy remodeling into a phase with lots of smaller projects.  I always have a few going at a time because they tend to get stalled while waiting for something to be delivered.

Here’s the news:

I love this post on asking the right questions so your magnificent brain can give you great answers.

Think Big, Question Bigger

If your business needs local customers, don’t write off Twitter!  This article shows you how to find local prospects using Twitter.

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Connect With Local Customers

Here’s a good article on one my favorite subjects, time management.  There’s some good points, but I don’t like using the word “finish” for a to-do list.  Most people I know never actually finish, they just try to stay reasonable current and have quality of life.

How to Find the Time to Finish Your To-Do List

I encourage solopreneurs to measure the results of their efforts, but this article points out that you have to look at other things too.

Statistics Not Always the Best Marketing Tool

Finally, some tough love for those of you still not blogging.  If you hate the idea of blogging, I’m sorry to share this information with you but you do need to be blogging to build your business (please don’t shoot the messenger!).

Not Blogging?  You’re in the Minority

That’s it for the week my solopreneur friends.  Leave me a comment with one of the fun things you have planned this weekend.

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