Friday Solopreneur news roundup 5/20/11

by Michele on May 20, 2011

Hello fellow solopreneurs! Once again, Friday has rolled around very quickly. I hope you’ve had a fantastically productive week. What are you doing to recharge this weekend? I’m planning on going to Worldfest here in LA (a huge solar-powered, animal-friendly Earth Day type of festival).  We’re kind of up in the air though, so we’ll see.  As I often say on Fridays, one of my favorite ways to have a weekend is to have no schedule so I’m glad it’s open.

Here’s the news for the week:

Here’s an interesting article on the idea of shutting down your main business website in favor of social media sites.  I’ve been watching this trend with great interest and have increasingly spotted big brands showing their social media URL’s with equal emphasis or in place of their main URL.  There are some cons though, so read the article before even thinking of shutting down.

Is It Time to Shut Down Your Website?

One of my teachers Kathleen Gage is offering an excellent video series on how to make money with teleseminars and it’s FREE!  I watched all three videos and got a lot of great ideas.  I’m in her VIP club, so I know she delivers!

3 Free Videos on How to Make Money with Teleseminars

Blogging is really important for solopreneur businesses, but so is promoting that blog.  Here’s 4 things not to do, although I disagree with #4 which is posting your blog to social media.

4 Ways NOT to Promote Your Blog

Finally, here’s a good rundown of 4 common mistakes you could be making on your website that can cost you busieness!

4 Website Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

So that’s the news for this week!  Leave me a comment with your weekend plans and I’ll see you Monday.

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  1. Very attractive biz page on Facebook, Michele — I just clicked your “Like” button. “Red” is the color of “energy” and “power” and your page certainly looks sharp dressed in red. 🙂

    I popped over and read Lisa Barone’s post on “4 Ways NOT to Promote Your Blog”. Wow! I love her writing style, how she injects her sense of humor in her posts, and her tips were tip-top!


  2. Michele says:

    Thanks Melanie! That’s interesting about the color red – I use it because I like it and it’s the best color for me to wear, but now I know there may be more reasons why I like it.

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