Today’s Solopreneur News Roundup, Friday 5/27/11

by Michele on May 27, 2011

Welcome to your holiday weekend if you’re in the US!  If not, then have a great weekend whatever you do!  As I wrote the date on this post, I couldn’t believe how much of the year has passed and there’s still so much I want to get to!  How are you doing on your goals for the year?

Here’s the news I want to highlight for you this week .  If you’d like to see these items right in your Facebook news feed, come on over to my page and click “like.”  Remember, you can now like a page as yourself using your personal profile or as your business using your business page.

I’m a time management junkie, so when one of my favorite teachers writes about procrastination, I make sure to read it.  Check out this article:

The Death of Procrastination

Here’s another article on the unicorn of time management: work-life balance.  It’s a short read with some great tips.

6 Work-Life Balance Blunders to Avoid

So, I must have had time management on the brain this week, because this article is on the same topic.  I LOVED this one because it has one simple, rock-solid strategy you can start using today to get more done.  Really!

The Only Way to Get Important Things Done

This next one gets away from time management, but offers you 12 spots to meet clients other than over coffee.  I really enjoyed reading this and was thinking it would really energize my client meetings to have some other spaces to use.

12 Unexpected Places To Host Great Client Meetings

Finally, today, a promotion opportunity you won’t want to miss!  The highly-visible online visibility expert Denise Wakeman is giving you a chance to Flaunt Your Facebook Page over at The Blog Squad Facebook page:

The Blog Squad on Facebook

That’s the news this week!  Leave me a comment on something you’re doing this weekend for fun!

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