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by Michele on June 3, 2011

One of my core success strategies is to experiment, measure and revise my business activities.  I also like to share those results and the thought process I use with my community.  In this post, I’m sharing what I learned from my Friday news series.

I regularly share news and links that I think are valuable for solopreneurs on my Facebook page.  A few months back, I started using a Friday blog post to summarize the news for the week and do a quick reminder to carve out some time for fun over the weekend.  My logic was that it’s important to give people what they want in the format they want.  Some people don’t like getting news on Facebook, so doing the blog post gave those people another option to get the news.  As with everything I do, it was an experiment.  I think I’m ending that experiment now.  The post took about 20 minutes to write, and it didn’t seem like I was providing enough benefit to my readers to justify 20 minutes of my time.  I could use that time to write a whole new post which would be of much greater service to my community.  I also felt a little hemmed in by the whole thing.  I like to share news and links I think are exceptionally valuable and being obligated to post one every day made me sometimes spend a lot of time finding something that day.  All told, I think it’s something that doesn’t pay off for my community or me.

I will take this time to remind you to create some time to recharge this weekend, with the emphasis on “create.”  Don’t wait for “spare” time to drop into your lap to recharge.  The world needs your work, so make sure you take care of yourself.

If you think I should keep the Friday Solopreneur News Roundup, leave me a comment to that effect.  If enough people want this feature, maybe I’ll rethink it.

Have a great weekend!

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