Product review – Google calendar

by Michele on July 15, 2011

Michele Christensen Product review - Google Calendar

Product review - Google Calendar

The basics

Google calendar is included with all the features you get when you open a free Gmail account.  In spite of being free, it’s really robust and loaded with features.  I’ve used Outlook and Blackberry calendars before, and I can’t find anything that’s missing with Google calendar.  If you have an events calendar for your company, you can use Google calendar to get it published on your website without any programming skills.

What’s to love

Here are just the top 5 features that I love.  There’s many more, but this should give you enough incentive to check it out.  There’s also some newer features being tested at Google labs which you can enable as well (check under the Labs tab of calendar settings).

  1. It syncs with my Timetrade ( account so clients can schedule their own appointments.  Timetrade only shows when I’m available, not my appointments or what I’m doing when I’m not available.
  2. Custom privacy settings make it easy to share as much or as little data as you want with your spouse or assistant.
  3. You can invite other Gmail users to events and when they accept it shows up on their calendar.  This is great for getting things scheduled with no confusion.
  4. You can specify multiple calendars to see in your main view.  Mine shows appointments in red, birthdays I’ve entered in blue, US holidays provided by Google in blue and business tasks or reminders in purple.  This is helpful because I know at a glance what appointments I have and can look just at that if I want.  You could use this feature for various family members or company functions.
  5. I love the seamless sync with my Android phone.

I could go on and on (and often do!), but you get the idea – it’s a great product that happens to be free.  This is one of 32 resources I’ve compiled in my Solopreneur Success Rolodex, which you can download by clicking here.  The entire rolodex is a pdf with links to the best resources I’ve found for solopreneurs.  See a preview of some of the resources and grab your copy today by clicking below:

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