Why I aim to be a champion for solopreneurs

by Michele on November 14, 2013

Champion for SolopreneursUsually I try to write about things you can do right away to improve your solopreneur business.  This post will have things you can do, but it’s a little more revealing of what’s been going on for me lately and my goal is to see if any of this thinking can apply to you.  This post comes on the heels of yesterday’s post, which announced my new book “Is a Solopreneur Business Right for You?

Earlier this year, I changed my tagline from “Business Strategist for Solopreneurs” to “Speaker, Strategist and Champion for Solopreneurs.”  I thought about it for a while and asked for feedback before making the switch.  It just seemed, well, a little grandiose to me.  Would people really accept that I am as dedicated to advancing solopreneurship as I feel like I am?  Up until this year, I’ve been content just to run my little business, work with clients, build my community and just relish the success I was having.  I started to have feelings of wanting more, of wanting to see more people going out on their own and using this highly accessible business model.  I felt like I wanted to grow a movement!  I still meet people almost every week who have no idea that a solopreneur business is even possible.  That has to change!  I want everyone to know what is possible and that being self-employed doesn’t have to mean having a big company or supervising a big staff.

That’s where the idea for the book came from.  In the book, I help people to explore if they are a good fit for a solopreneur business.  It’s also meant as a way to introduce the concept of a one-person business to people who haven’t heard of it.  I wanted to write a book that would be the first thing people need to join the solopreneur movement.  As part of this strategy, I’ve priced the book to get it into as many people’s hands as possible.  That’s what a champion should do in this case!

Writing and releasing this book has really cemented the champion part of my role for me.  I want to be a driving force and spend my time changing the world by helping people start and run their own solo business.  I’ll be specifically focusing on ways to advance the concept of solopreneurship in the next phase of my business.

My question for you is this: How can you expand what your business is about?  Is there an element of being of service to others or being of greater good than just selling whatever you sell?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments, even if you think this can’t be applied to your business.



  1. Mozette says:

    Here in Australia, radio advertising is a big thing… so is advertising on television. However, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it’s letterbox-drops and just working with people face to face at the markets, at conventions and workshops and simply networking on an everyday basis… making sure people know who you are and that they can put a face to the name of the business cards being handed out – especially when they look you up online. 😀

    1. Michele says:

      Sounds like a plan! Michele

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