Solopreneurs are different

by Michele on November 17, 2013

Solopreneurs wear all the hats in the businessIt’s true – it takes a unique personality to run a solopreneur business.  For starters, you have to be willing to do or at least be involved in every aspect of your business.  Even if you want to use outsourced help, you still need to learn enough to supervise the person you hire.  There’s no part of the business you won’t have a hand in once you get rolling.  If you aren’t willing to do something yourself, either learn to run your business without doing it or find someone to do it for you but learn enough to make a good decision first!

This is one of the personality traits of successful solopreneurs I cover in my book “Is a Solopreneur Business Right for You?”  Learn the other personality traits, the pros and the cons in the book.  I lay it all out for your without sugarcoating so you can decide if this is a business model that is a fit for you.  Get the book for your Kindle device or free Kindle desktop reader here:  Is a Solopreneur Business Right for You?



  1. Mozette says:

    You know, I’ve wanted to get my Crafty Pegs business off the ground for over a year – and now I’ve done it (well part way so far *knocks on wood*), I’m enjoying the nitty-gritty parts of it.

    However, Dad is asking me if I’ve spent too much money on the setting up of it, on the Creative Markets I’m attending next week, on everything to do with it… and he’s only concerned, I know. But, when he does this, it’s because he knows I’m going to be a success at what I’m doing. My older brother brews home brew… beer… and he put in his beer this year to the Queensland State Championships and his brew came in the micro-brews with a bronze medal! My Dad is chuffed with that! He’s told everyone about his successful son who has a bronze medal home brew…

    Me? He doesn’t advertise my Crafty Pegs to anyone thinking it’ll stop when I make only a little money and people will get mean to me at the markets next week…but Mum has been out talking to people about my pegs, telling them all about it… she’s my biggest fan.

    I’m doing my best to be positive about this, but without my Dad’s help, it’s hard… he’s such a wet blanket about everything.

    1. Michele says:

      There will always be people who are your supporters and people who aren’t. You can only do what you know and keep moving ahead! Michele

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