Life is complicated, and a solopreneur business can help you manage it

by Michele on December 29, 2013

A solopreneur business can help make your life easier to manageModern life is complicated.  Errands, cleaning, mail, banking, child care, retirement planning, paying bills, fixing administrative mixups, home repair, scheduling, even planning fun time is all very complex.  It takes a lot of time and can be much more difficult when your schedule is not flexible.  A solopreneur business can help you keep your life on track and help you manage all these complexities.  You have much more freedom to work when you want and you have the luxury of taking care of personal business while most people are working.  My own solopreneur business got started when my husband was working long hours and we purchased a fixer-upper house.  I needed to be around to supervise the work and make sure everything was done right.

How might your life be easier if you had more flexibility?  Being self-employed may make your life easier to manage.

This is one of the topics I explore in my book “Is a Solopreneur Business Right for You?”  Flexibility is a great thing about having your own solo business, and I tell you other great things as well as some of the not so great things.  Grab your copy here


  1. Mozette says:

    I must agree with you there. Since I started Crafty Pegs, my life has been a lot more oranised. I’m currently on holidays at Brunswick Heads in Northern New South Wales here in Australia, and it was easy as anything to be able to take off and not worry about who’s running my business… well, me of course!
    You see, while I’ve been away, I’ve been gabbing to people about it and they’ve looked up Crafty Pegs and I’ve even been to a local business here and handed out about 10 business cards so tourists can have a look at them too… and order them off my FB page if they want to…

    So, I’m holidays, but I’m not… and I am. And I’m catching a bus home and you know what I’ll be doing, right? Yep, talking up Crafty Pegs and handing out business cards.

    I’ve had a great time here, but still, I’m in advertising mode whenever and wherever I can get it… but it has helped me organise my life brilliantly, as I normally bring everything – but the kitchen sink – when I’m on holidays, but this time I really streamlined my packing. And I’ve been careful about what souvenirs I’m buying too… and what I’m taking back; making sure it all fits in the suitcase. 😀

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