Why have an entire website devoted just to solopreneurs?

According to the US Census Bureau, about 3/4ths of all US businesses have no employees!  That’s a huge number of solopreneurs!  The numbers tell us that not everyone has or wants an empire.  There are many business coaches teaching the philosophy of grow, grow, grow, and that you should hire help as soon as possible.  But how does that help people who love their solo business?  Being a solopreneur is a wonderful way to live and work if it’s right for you.

What’s different about solopreneur businesses?

  • You have to be a Jack or Jill of all trades and master of some, i.e. you have to know at least a little bit about every aspect of your business and know a lot about some areas.
  • You need to have the skills to run a business in addition to what you do for customers.  In a larger company, people would have more specialized roles.
  • You have to be an excellent time manager and be able to prioritize and focus how you spend your time.  There is nobody to take up the slack if you don’t get something done.

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Here’s what people are saying:

“My two years working with Michele have been the most productive, rewarding, and lucrative in my career.  Her intuitive listening kept me focused and efficient.  I am creative, entrepreneurial, and also scattered.  Michele kept me grounded, helped me delegate and confront the areas that drain my energy so I could fully navigate and nurture the areas that inspire me.”~Paul Lyons, Author/Illuminator/Comic, www.laughlyons.com


“You are a LIFE SAVER!”~Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW, www.addconsults.com


I found Michele’s 5 day ‘Essential Skills for Solopreneur Success’ eCourse to be a refreshingly succinct reminder of what should sit at the core of my daily focus & planning. Clearly she understands, and more importantly can communicate, the essential elements of Solopreneur culture and practice and I would advise every one working in this space to keep these five emails in a folder on her or his desktop and consult them regularly.” ~Ian Mitchell, owner Eighty20 Focus Limited


Why I love solopreneur businesses

I absolutely love working with solopreneur businesses for two reasons.  First, I see solopreneurs becoming a powerful force in the current and future economy.  Everywhere I turn, people are starting heart-centered, highly ethical and customer-focused businesses either by choice or necessity.  The nature of work and the workforce is changing right under our feet, and we get to be part of that revolution. Second, I see solopreneur businesses as a force for good in the world.  These very small businesses and the amazing people that run them are doing tremendous things toward making the world a better place.  People are able to get a huge array of specialized service so that they can lead happier lives, accomplish more and be of service. I believe that our greatest obligation as humans is to be of service to others, and use our unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place.  Solopreneurs everywhere are doing that through business, and helping their customers to do more good in the world as well.

How I got here

Like most solopreneurs, I came to my calling by a non-linear path.  I completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, but didn’t really choose either with a clear mission in mind.  After spending the early part of my career in corporate America, I was convinced I hated business and wanted no part of it.  I took a very different path at that time and did some traveling and worked in a non-profit serving the clients of that agency directly.  I loved that work, but had a desire to do something new and to work for myself. I started my solopreneur business in January 2009 as a professional organizer with a specialty in productivity and time management.  What surprised me initially was how much time I spent in “business” as opposed to providing services.  I naively thought that if I just opened my figurative doors that the customers would come through word of mouth and that I’d spend a little time here and there tending to paperwork and business tasks.

What surprised me after that was how much I loved the business part of my work!  Me?  The person who fled corporate America actually liked business?  It turns out that what I disliked about business in corporate America was the rigid structure, the lack of creativity and the underappreciation of the employees, all of which is gone in the solopreneur realm.  Gradually I specialized into just working with entrepreneurs, and people began to ask me for higher-level, more strategic business services until I ultimately reinvented my business into a coaching and consulting  company specializing in solopreneur businesses.

What has been really rewarding is figuring out all processes growing my business, and then being able to take that knowledge and smooth the way for my clients to build their businesses.  I filter the massive amount of information available and create a clear path for my clients so they can be free from overwhelm.  I help my clients create the business structure that supports them in their service to others.  That’s what gets me going every Monday morning!

What I’m known for

  • Distilling down big, complicated issues into do-able plans
  • Streamlining and getting the most out of every effort you make
  • Cutting fluff and unnecessary busy work, and reducing your workload to a manageable level
  • Data!  I only do things for which I have some reason to believe it works, and I teach you how to question and test everything you do.
  • Doing only  those things that actually work and bring results in business.  No more doing some new tactic because some expert said you have to!