December 2010 follow up and notes

Welcome friends and guests of Alyssa!  This is the page where any notes and follow up from the two Q&A sessions in December 2010 will be posted.  I expect to have everything posted by Friday December 10.  Please note that the items and links on this page are based on what was mentioned during the Q&A session, in some cases by me and in some cases by others.  I have not tried all of the products listed here, so I cannot recommend all of them.  Please treat any purchase or use of these links with the same care you would any important business decision.

Here is the link to the 1-Night Business School happening in January.

Would you be interested in providing me with a testimonial to use on my website for this event? If so, please email me your testimonial with the subject “testimonial” and include a statement that you give me permission to use this statement publicly. If I use it, I’ll mention your name and website under your words and add your headshot if you send one. Thanks!

Monday 12/6/10

Productivity Book and system “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means if you end up buying the book after clicking on this link I’ll earn a small commission which not change the price you pay.  I use and love this book.

Another book on time management: “Time Management for Unmanageable People” (Amazon Affiliate link)

Small Business Administration:

SCORE small business counseling:

Franklin Covey (planning system with life overview exercises):

To-Do list software:

Contact tracking:

Google Apps:

Book “Eating the Big Fish,”   (Amazon affiliate link)

Free pdf converter:

Free office suite, similar to Microsoft Office, also makes pdf’s:

Free survey tool:

Wednesday 12/8/10

Here are some guidelines you may find helpful for prioritizing.  As with any guideline, use these as a starting point and keep your own situation in mind:

  • sales: first priority is sales right now, second priority would keeping sales flowing in the near future, third priority is anything that maintains your ability to sell (license renewal, paperwork, filing, taxes, store/website maintenance, etc)
  • foundation vs. expansion: if you are just building your business, you may want to focus on foundation activities like setting up files, acquiring sales tools such as a credit card system, and building a web presence and community of interested people.  In expansion mode, you may continue to tweak your foundation but there’s more room for adding new  product lines and reaching new customers.
  • strategy: your strategy and goals are like a road map.  You’ll have a much clearer picture of what to do now if you know where you are trying to get to.  Everything you do in your business should have a purpose that relates to your goals. – resource for business forms.  Not recommended as a substitute for legal representation.