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My name is Michele Christensen, and in addition to coaching solopreneur business owners just like you, I am one as well!

My mission in business is to help solopreneurs use their unique brilliance to better the world AND earn a living.  We all have gifts that we were born with, and I believe it is our obligation to serve others with those gifts.  I’m here to help you create a sustainable, lucrative business with your gifts so your clients can benefit from what comes naturally to you.

  • Do you love what you do but wish you didn’t have to run a business to do it?
  • Do you wonder how you’ll ever be able to do everything you need to do in order to be successful?
  • Does your business hinder instead of help your lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place!  Together, we can build a solid foundation for you business, wave the overwhelm goodbye and make sure your business caters to the lifestyle you want and not the other way around!  To get you started, I’ve created a free 5-day e-course covering the 5 Essential Skills for Solopreneur Success.  These are the skills you need outside of whatever product or service you sell, and mastering these will give you the ability to do big things in your business.

I found Michele’s 5 day ‘Essential Skills for Solopreneur Success’ eCourse to be a refreshingly succinct reminder of what should sit at the core of my daily focus & planning. Clearly she understands, and more importantly can communicate, the essential elements of Solopreneur culture and practice and I would advise every one working in this space to keep these five emails in a folder on her or his desktop and consult them regularly.”~Ian Mitchell, owner Eighty20 Focus Limited

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Michele Christensen, Business Strategist for Solopreneurs, 1507 7th St, #162, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 291-1479,

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