Ditch the Overwhelm!

Note: this program is closed right now.  Please join my mailing list for priority notification of when it opens again.

Attention small business owners who are overwhelmed by all the big things they want to accomplish in business:

Here’s a way to Ditch the Overwhelm quickly and get focused on what the right thing to work on right now is for your business.

In just a few hours, we’ll work together to get you focused on the ONE thing that will best help your business grow right now.

As an entrepreneur, a shortage of ideas is not your problem!  The problem is too many ideas that have not been finished to a point where they bring in revenue.  Jumping from project to project and not completing anything is part of the problem as is the tendency of entrepreneurs to see the next “bright, shiny object.”  We love new challenges, new ideas, new solutions and new ways we can serve customers.

An excess of ideas is great, except when the excess leads to overwhelm and feelings of being pulled in too many different directions.  That’s where this program will help.  You’ll get clear on what your top ideas are and how they fit together in your business and where to get started right now.

This short program is designed to create an inventory of your top ideas which will be a big asset for your business going forward.  Then we take those ideas and in a 1-hour conversation we figure out the ONE thing for you to get done first; we find the ONE thing that will add revenue to your business in the least time and we finish with a detailed, step-by-step plan for you to follow.

Why choose me to help you ditch the overwhelm?  I specialize in working with creative solopreneurs who are idea machines, and I LOVE it!  I marvel at the ability of creative people to pull ideas out of the air and just how many they can generate.  I’ve become adept at using my linear, concrete, process oriented way of thinking to corral all those ideas into a prioritized list of actions.  It’s a match made for success.  As part of your Ditch the Overwhelm package, you’ll get a subscription to my Solopreneur Strategy Newsletter.

This program is available until the end of May for $150 and I don’t have a date when it will be open again.

Note: this program is closed right now.  Please join my mailing list for priority notification of when it opens again.

If you like to know exactly how things work before you sign up, here is the process:

  • Once your payment is complete, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address
  • After confirming your email address, you’ll be taken to an initial questionnaire
  • I take up to 3 business days to review your questionnaire and then send you a link to my calendar where you can schedule our work session right away
  • We meet for one hour by phone and I record the call
  • I send you a detailed, step-by-step follow up plan and the recording

Note: this program is closed right now.  Please join my mailing list for priority notification of when it opens again.