Mastermind Information

Welcome to the information page for Spring 2011 Los Angeles Mastermind for solopreneur business owners!


Dates: 7 Mondays from April 25, 2011 to July 11, 2011 spaced about every other week.

Price: $210

Capacity: 6 or 7 members

Place: A private residence in West LA (90034)

Mastermind leader: Michele Christensen, Business Strategist for Solopreneurs (home page)

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This page is for solopreneur business owners based in the Los Angeles area who want to be part of a unique experience with an in-person mastermind group for the purpose of starting or growing their business.  This group is designed for people that know me or Alyssa Archambault personally.  If you stumbled here by accident, please feel free to look around, browse my website  and contact me if you want to be added to a mastermind interest list for future in-person or phone groups.

Thanks!  Michele (

Is a mastermind for me?

  • Are you struggling to build your business by yourself?
  • Do you love being a solopreneur, but miss having co-workers to brainstorm with?
  • Are you unsure of what to do first or next?
  • Do you get sidetracked and find that at the end of the week you’ve gotten a lot started but nothing finished?

If so, read on to find out how a mastermind can help with all of these questions as well as help you move forward in your business.

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind group is a structured group of people who meet regularly to work on their desired outcomes (in this case, business).  The group becomes a supportive, tight group where everyone has time to be the focus of the group’s attention.  The term is widely credited to Napoleon Hill, who included it in the first of 16 lessons in his book “The Law of Success,” published in 1928.  Napoleon Hill’s other book “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the best-selling books of all time, and he is one of the founding fathers of the self-improvement and success writing.

Hill describes a mastermind as follows:

“A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together or blending, in a spirit of perfect harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending the chemistry of the the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds. The Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly harmonious alliance between the individual minds exist. It will disintegrate and all evidence of its former existence will disappear the moment the friendly alliance is broken ”

Napoleon Hill in “The Law of Success,” 1928

The phrase “two heads are better than one” comes close to explaining how a mastermind works, however it would need to be amended to read:

“Two heads are more than twice as good as one.”

When people get together in the spirit of cooperation and support, a brilliance emerges that can benefit everyone in the group.  Solutions, options and action steps become clear and people leave with many more ideas than they could ever come up with on their own.  The mastermind creates an environment where each idea can be built upon until it is far improved from the first concept.  Problems that seem insurmountable to an individual may be solved much easier by the power of the group.  The mastermind is the perfect place to bring all those sticky issues keeping you from moving ahead.

Why choose to mastermind with Michele?

I have over 20 years of experience with businesses of many sizes from solopreneur up to publicly traded companies with millions in revenue.  I’ve successfully led project teams in a wide variety of settings including as an internal consultant and in the non-profit sector.  I led peer groups for a non-profit for 4 years and had the opportunity to take several trainings on facilitating groups.  I regularly use the mastermind process to advance my own business, and cannot imagine succeeding without it.

One of my deeply held beliefs is that each person has a unique brilliance, and that belief guides my work.  I will always be looking to bring that out in you and your fellow group members.  I’ll encourage and gently push but never scold, punish or shame.  I’ll help the group to help you succeed so the world can benefit from your brilliance through your work.

Let’s get moving!

No success happens without first taking action, and your mastermind group will help you do just that!  Your experience begins the day you sign up with questions, assignments and inspirational things to think about delivered to your email inbox before the first group meeting.  During each meeting, you’ll define clear action steps you commit to taking to move your business to the next level.  You’ll get support and gentle accountability from your mastermind peers, and a place to share both victories and setbacks.

The Framework:

The work begins right after you sign up.  Even before our first session, I’ll send you exercises and reading material designed to get your business gears turning.  I’ll be providing the framework for the sessions, administering the group, offering feedback and coaching as appropriate during the meetings and helping each person to tap into their brilliance by asking targeted questions and encouraging group members to contribute.  You have a lot to offer to your peers, and I help you to do that.    In turn, I help you to get the most out of what your peers bring to the table.  Even when you’re stuck and don’t know what you need to move ahead, the mastermind group can help.

The format for each week is as follows:

quick check in: 1-2 minutes per person plus any group announcements

individual member focus time: each member gets 12-15 minutes of time to discuss their current projects and challenges and get group feedback

wrap up: 1-2 minutes per person plus any group items

The mastermind group is not a class – there isn’t a set curriculum or lesson presented.  The main purpose is for group members to give and receive ideas and support.  You’ll get encouragement, gentle accountability and supportive people to run your ideas by.

The group will meet on 7 Mondays from April 25, 2011 to July 11, 2011 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at Alyssa’s house.  The meetings are spaced every other week with an adjustment for 4th of July.  In order to join, you must commit to the entire program and are expected to attend every session barring emergency, illness or travel.  If you know now that you will miss more than 1 meeting, please don’t join.  There is no refund or credit for missed sessions.

Registration details:

Registration is a 3-step online process including a member agreement, payment, and an enrollment form.  Registration closes Friday April 22, 2011.

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Refer a friend or colleague:

Refer someone who joins this group and receive a free 15-minute Quickcall with me (a $25 value).  The registrant has to mention your name at the time of registration so be sure to tell them not to forget!  You can refer more than one person, but each registrant can only be referred by one person.


We meet on the following Mondays:

  1. April 25
  2. May 9
  3. May 23
  4. June 6
  5. June 20
  6. June 27 (note schedule adjustment for July 4th)
  7. July 11

Small potluck celebration follows the July 11th meeting.  The option to continue into another mastermind group will be explored during the last few meetings.


7:30 to 9:30 pm

Please arrive as early as 7:00 so we can start on time and feel free to bring dinner or a snack for yourself to eat before the mastermind starts.


The price for the program is $210.

Your mastermind experience also includes a subscription to my newsletter.


The Home of Alyssa Archambault in the West LA/Palms area (90034).  You will receive the address upon completion of your registration.

Attendance and commitment:

In order for a mastermind to work best for everyone, each member must commit to the entire program.  If you join, you are expected to attend every session barring  emergency, illness or travel.  If you know now that you will miss more than 1 meeting, please don’t join but do email me so I can include you in any future mastermind groups that may form.

The final meeting will have a small potluck celebration afterward.  The potluck celebration is optional, but we would love for everyone to come!

Cancellation policy:

The group will consist of myself (leader) and 6 or 7 members.  If we fail to get that number, the mastermind will be canceled and all money will be refunded.  If you register and later decide to cancel, you may do so up until 11:59 pm PST April 1, 2011.  You will get a refund of any money already paid less a $30 processing fee and Paypal fees.  Cancellations after that date will not be refunded.


The mastermind is a commitment, and I want you to make a good choice for yourself.  If you have questions or need additional information before deciding whether to sign up, please contact me.


Click HERE to get started with the member agreement (Step 1 of 3 in the registration process).  Registration closes Friday April 22, 2011.