Resource Guide for The Solopreneur’s Success Strategy: Automate Your Business

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  • Create repeating, automated systems in your business
  • Shrink you to-do list
  • Devote more of your time and effort to creative, money-making activities
  • Do more of what you love to do and less of the tasks better handled by computers

This downloadable resource guide is a desktop companion to the Automate Your Business book.  It contains links to all the resources in the book in convenient, clickable document you can use as you put your automation into place.  As a solopreneur, automation is key for your success.  Getting things happening automatically frees up your time and energy for projects you really want to do.  By automating more, you’ll be able to spend more of your time on money-making activities and less on repetitive tasks.  I’ll also send you email updates with information hand-picked by me just for solopreneurs and any updates to the resource guide.  Enter your name and email in the box to the right, and grab your resource guide today!



Michele Christensen, Speaker, Strategist and Champion for Solopreneurs