Have just a quick question?  Need to brainstorm an idea?  Stuck?  Would accountability help you reach your goals?  Quickcall is an affordable, convenient way to work with me with no contract and no long term commitment.  Sign up for a call whenever you need it or even book a call weekly for ongoing support.  You’ll be directed instantly to my scheduling page once your payment is received.  Please note that this service is not for strategic thinking or long-range planning – those areas need a different structure for our work together.

For fastest progress, I recommend signing up for a coaching package or session bundle.  Having multiple meetings spread over a period of time will let us figure out the best ways for you to get to where you want to be in your business.  However, I offer the option to buy just a single session if a bigger commitment isn’t a fit for your business right now.

“My two years working with Michele have been the most productive, rewarding, and lucrative in my career.  Her intuitive listening kept me focused and efficient.  I am creative, entrepreneurial, and also scattered.  Michele kept me grounded, helped me delegate and confront the areas that drain my energy so I could fully navigate and nurture the areas that inspire me.”

~Paul Lyons, Author/Illuminator/Comic, www.laughlyons.com

Use the button below to schedule a 30-minute call for $67.  30 minutes is a good length of time if you have more than one question or have a complex issue to sort out.

Click here to schedule a 30-minute call:

If you have just one clearly defined question, you may like the 15 minute call.  15 minutes flies by, but if you have a clear idea of what your question is we can make some fast progress.

Use the button below to schedule a 15-minute Quickcall for $37.

At this time, I have office hours for 15-minute Quickcalls only on Mondays.  If you’d like another time, please email me at michele@michelechristensen.com with your preferred day and time.  I may add additional office hours depending on the requests I get.  30-minute calls are available on more days of the week.