Friday Solopreneur News roundup, 3/25/11

by Michele on March 25, 2011

Hi and welcome (almost) to the weekend!  I hope you’ve got some time blocked out to unplug from your business.  If not, do that as soon as you are done reading this post!  If you want to see these news items right in your Facebook news feed, click over to my Facebook page and click the like button.

People often try a business promotion strategy and conclude it doesn’t work without giving it a fair try.  For blogging, you’ve got to blog regularly to expect any benefit.

Hubspot: Blog Subscriber Growth

We get bombarded with so much information and marketing on the web that we’ve all gotten quite adept at tuning out noise.  Make sure your marketing isn’t part of that noise for the people you want to reach.

Winning the New Marketing Democracy

Human brains are capable of magnificent things.  Don’t waste the power of yours by keeping track of things better suited to a to-do list, calendar or project list.  The world needs you to use your brain to do the great things you are capable of.

Why list is a dirty word

Here’s a slightly humorous but insightful article comparing ducking your business challenges to wearing fat pants instead of hitting the gym:

The Business Equivalent of Fat Pants

Finally, here’s a great list of 10 social media myths that may hurt your business.

10 Social Media Myths

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Have a great weekend, and make sure to recharge your batteries so you can serve your market fully.

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