Why I love my email newsletter service

by Michele on June 28, 2011

Today is the first post of many on services that I recommend for your solopreneur business.  I’ll also be introducing a brand new resource that will allow you to get a comprehensive listing of all the products and services I use.  Today I’ll tell you about the email newsletter service I use and why I love it.  If you want to get on my email newsletter and test the service I use for yourself, use the signup box at the right.

I’m going to start by assuming you already know the value of an email newsletter for your business.  If you’re not familiar with how an opt-in email newsletter can benefit you, stay tuned because I’ll be discussing that in future posts.  If you want to have a newsletter, than you need a newsletter service.  Don’t try to do it from an email provider like Outlook, Gmail or from the email address provided by your hosting account.  You’ll save the service fee, but in the long run it will probably cost you money because you’ll have to handle things like subscribe and unsubscribe requests by hand.  Since I’m committed to giving you good information for you business I feel compelled to tell you that not using a service makes a poor impression as well.

I use Aweber for my email newsletter service.  I’ve been with them for over a year, and I’m very happy with the service.  They do well with the basics like stats, reports, subscribe and unsubscribe requests, social media blasts, list segments, web forms, etc but that’s not why I love the service as much as I do.  On top of the basics, there are 2 things that make Aweber stellar in my opinion.

First, they have a strong anti-spam stance that is woven throughout the entire customer experience.  It’s not that you get one anti-spam message in your introductory materials and then it’s done.  They obviously value preventing spam greatly so they do all sorts of things to encourage you not to spam and to make sure you don’t do it accidentally.  Numerous times, I’ve been added to a newsletter by someone who assumed because they had my email address it was okay to add me to a newsletter and this has never happened to when the sender used Aweber.  When I’ve done live events, I manually enter the names of people who fill out a form stating they want my newsletter and even in that situation the software reminds you to only send to people who want you to.

Second, they have great customer service.  Their online information base is great, but when you need a person you call or live chat their Pennsylvania offices during business hours and get a live person right away.  They figure out who you need to talk to and get you to them without making you jump through hoops just to talk to a person.

These features have made it easier for me to have a spam-compliant newsletter that goes out regularly which has been a boon to my business. Oh, and yes they have an affiliate program and yes the links here are affiliate links!

This is the first of many resources I plan to share with you.  If you can’t wait for the rest of them to be revealed, you can grab my entire rolodex by clicking here!  This is a brand new resource and as you can see I haven’t even set up a proper opt in page for it but you can still grab it right away.  It is updated for 2011 and contains 32 resources I use and love.

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