Scheduling Social Media Posts

by Michele on July 15, 2016

Ask Me Anything, Segment 19

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In this segment of Ask Me Anything, I answer a question about scheduling social media posts.  I share the main tool I use to schedule my posts and give my biggest tip on using scheduled posts.

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Summary here:

  • I use Hootsuite to schedule social media posts ahead of time
  • Scheduling some posts ahead of time is a good way to have a continuous presence on your social media sites, however it is critical to regularly interact with people in real time.
  • Be sure to be social when you interact with people.  Ask questions, join conversations and contribute useful ideas.
  • Takeaway: You can use Hootsuite or any of a number of apps to schedule some of your social media posts ahead of time.  However, make sure to actually put some time in where you are interacting and engaging people in real time.
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